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Install dependecies

Please make sure you have the latest version of blogdown and associated dependencies.

# required R pacakges
install.packages(c('blogdown', 'magrittr', 'stringr'))

# optional workflow
# install.packages('usethis')

# install latest version of hugo with 

Clone the project

Choose your own workflow! There are many ways you can fork and clone a project, via the git terminal, the {usethis} package, the GitHub web UI, GitHub Desktop, etc. Here we document two methods; however, you are welcome to use whichever with which you are comfortable. We are happy to provide additional support or documentation as needed.

You can proceed via either:

  1. git commands in the terminal, or

  2. through the usethis package

via git in the terminal

# Clone
git clone https://github.com/rladies/rladies.github.io.git

# Enter
cd blog/

# replace my_branch with any name you like
# will now be working on a copy of the main repo
git checkout -b my_branch

Open the folder in RStudio.

via {usethis}

# this forks and clones the repo

# this creates a new branch for your post

Write a new blog post

There are two ways to create a new post:

  1. Use the blogdown addin in RStudio to create a new post: Addins -> New post, OR

  2. blogdown::new_post() (See documentation for arguments to complete.)

Complete fields with relevant information, following these guidelines to make posts easily discoverable.

  • Title: Post title. This is the main feature, it shows in the list and the post page.
  • Author: Post author. This is not currently visible when rendered on the site, but please still complete this field. We will work to make it visible and to show in a menu.
  • Date: Post date. The date must be static, nothing like r Sys.Date(), otherwise every time the blog is generated a new date is set in the blog post. The format must be YYYY-mm-dd.
  • Description: Post subtitle. As an example, we used it to set the title of the post series of the 2018 IWD project. It shows in the posts list and in the post page.
  • Tags: Post tags. They should include meaningful information; for recurrent posts please follow previous tags. 4 or 5 tags is a good number. Tags.
  • Categories: Post categories. Like tags but the theme is more general. This field is currently not visible and is optional. Categories.

All of the information will be shown in the post yaml, and can also be edited later.


title: "1. Behind the scenes of R-Ladies IWD2018 Twitter action!"
author: "R-Ladies"
date: "2018-03-26"
description: "Part 1: Ideation and Creation!"
- iwd
- twitter
- part1
- 2018
- R-Ladies

Once submitted,

  • within content/post

  • a new folder is created like yyyy-mm-dd-your-post-title

  • with an outline for your post named index.Rmd

Add all files needed for the post (images, data files, gifs, etc.) should be added to the new folder content/post/yyyy-mm-dd-your-post-title.

As you write you post, remember to knit your post to see how it looks. The blogdown site will use the markdown file created from your knitted index.Rmd on the site, not your Rmd itself.

We encourage you to also preview the post via blogdown::serve_site(), which generates the entire website and applies any global styling. This will likely preview differently than when knitting the individual post.

After you write your post

Once your post looks as you want it to on your local machine, it’s time to push the post up to the main repository for review.

via git in the terminal

# Add the post
git add content/post/yyyy-mm-dd-your-post-title

# Add a commit message to the post
git commit -m "my commit message"

# Push changes online (replace my_branch with your branch name)
git push --set-upstream origin my_branch

via {usethis}

In the RStudio git pane, check your post folder and commit with a message.

Then push with


This will automatically open up the page in GitHub where you can make a pull request.

Create Pull Request

Once you have pushed your changes online, make a Pull request (PR) to the master branch.

If you are an external contributor (not a member of the R-Ladies Global administration team), in the comment please write @xxx this post is ready for review! by tagging an Editor listed above.

From Forks

If you are working on a fork of the repository, rather than a branch, you should PR to the fork_merge branch, and notify @drmowinckels.

Previews are only created for branches of this repo, not forks, so she will need to merge it into a temporary branch to generate the preview.


If anything is unclear in these guidelines, please submit an issue so that we can assist you and improve our documentation.