R-Ladies Directory

R-Ladies Global manages a global directory of R-Ladies. R-Ladies follow instructions on the website to input their data (at the moment of writing, a form or an email). Volunteers in charge of managing it edits data, at the moment in WordPress (soon in another format). Work (which entries need editing, etc.) is managed via a private spreadsheet.

Some instructions for directory volunteers



How to add a new country

  1. Charts & Maps > Maps > edit Speaker Map and add JSON entry to list for new country using ISO country code (e.g. South Africa = ZA)
  2. Connections > Categories > add new country as a category and record ID number for step 3
  3. Pages > add new page for country will need url from step 1 and ID number from step 2, in body of page add: [connections category_in=XX] where XX is the ID number from step 2
  4. Add new R lady and check that she shows up on the R Ladies Global map

Request about new chapters

To start a new chapter, contact: chapters@rladies.org

Updating Deadnames

When updating an existing R-Ladies member directory profile, we usually edit the entry but this will not fix the URL. As a result, the deadname will still appear in the URL for the directory entry. Therefore, when requested to remove a deadname in an existing directory entry, we will need to completely delete the old entry and add the entry as a new entry. This will create a new URL with the updated name.


  • write out countries but not states, leave states as initial (e.g. NY)
  • All degrees go in suffix without comma NOT prefix (so Dr. —-> PhD); the format is “, [degree]” where [degree] can be “BA”, “BS”, “MA”, “MS” (note not “MSc”), “PhD”, “MD”
  • The order and style for “Biographical Info” is: R-Groups: [including R-Ladies chapters] R-Packages: Interests: Contact method: [other comments]

Email templates

Template for More Info


Response Requested: Additional Information Needed to Complete Your R-Ladies Global Directory Entry


Dear XXXX,

Thank you for adding your contact information to the R-Ladies Global directory! You've indicated that you'd like to be a speaker so please respond to this email with a preferred contact method (e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn, personal website link). To protect your privacy, we cannot accept personal email addresses or phone numbers.

All the best,
R-Ladies Global Communications Team

Template for Slack Channel Info

Dear XXXX,

Thanks so much for adding your name to the R-Ladies Global directory! 
If you're interested and are not already a member, please feel free to join our R-Ladies Global Community Slack. 
You can sign up using the [Community sign-up form](https://rladies.org/form/community-slack/). 
It's a fun and welcoming space to meet other members of R-Ladies Global, talk about how awesome R is, and ask R questions.

All the best,
R-Ladies Global Communications Team