Admin guide

Account Admin

The account admin (team) for the rotating curator account are members of the R-Ladies community who keep @WeAreRLadies running. The account admin could be a team of 1-4 people who can rotate responsibilities from month-to-month. Being an account admin is an opportunity to connect with R-Ladies from all over the world while facilitating an online community resource.

Please note this guide is a work in progress! We are currently working to build out this documentation. Thank you for your patience!

Primary Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the account admin are to:

  • Coordinate and grant Twitter account access to curators.
  • Provide instructions to curators and answer questions as needed.
  • Recruit R-Ladies to be curators for the account.
  • Update and expand on the below procedures as needed.

Admin Procedures

When someone signs up to curate:

  • Add them to the curator schedule as soon as possible so other potential curators know that week is unavailable.
  • The curator should send an email to with a photo for the account
  • When this photo is received, save it in the Curator Photos Folder (in a shared Google Drive).
    • Save it as YYYY-MM-DD-firstname (date is first day of scheduled curation week)
  • Reply to the curator’s email confirming their schedule week for curating. You may use the template below:


Thank you for the photo. You are scheduled to curate the week of DATE. We will contact you 1 week before you are scheduled to curate with more details. Let us know if you have any questions.


1 Week before they are scheduled to curate:

  • Create a draft of their infographic.
  • Send an email to the curator that includes:
    • A reminder of when they are scheduled to curate;
    • A draft of the infographic, request that they approve or request changes to the draft;
    • Link the Curator Guide for their reference. Ask them if they have any questions.

Sample email ~1 week before the first day of curating


We are excited to have you curate next week! You are scheduled to curate from Monday, [DATE] to Saturday [DATE]. Depending on your schedule, we can modify this slightly (i.e. start on Tuesday or end on Friday), just let us know. We appreciate your time and contributions to the R-Ladies RoCur!

We’ve attached what we will post this Sunday to advertise your curation week. Please let us know any changes that you would like no later than [DATE].

Please read through our Curator Guide in preparation for curating. Additionally, if you haven’t already, please join our R-Ladies Directory.

We will contact you later this week with more information about accessing our Twitter account. In the meantime, let us know if you have any questions about curating.


Sunday before they are scheduled to curate:

  • Add the curator’s Twitter handle as a contributor on the RoCur account (via Tweetdeck) and remove last week’s curator from the RoCur team.
  • Email the curator that they are now added to the Twitter account.
  • Post their final infographic to the RoCur feed (be sure to mention their personal Twitter handle).
    • Via Tweetdeck, we can schedule this post to go out on Sunday morning. The team aims to post this before 18h00 UTC.
    • The tweet text should contain the Twitter handle of the curator and #RLadies hashtag (so that it can be retweeted by @RLadiesGlobal. For example: “This week’s #RLadies curator is @[TWITTER HANDLE]
    • Alt Text: When uploading an image into Tweetdeck, a gray button will appear at the bottom of the image labelled “Add description.” In the text field, we currently write:

    Curator [NAME], [Role/Title] at [Organization]. They say: “[copy text about what they do in R]

  • They will need to visit while logged into their twitter account in order to tweet from the account.

Immediately prior to curation:

  • Change the profile picture for the account to the photo provided by the curator.
  • In the description, write their Twitter handle after “This week’s curator:”

Sample email ~1-2 days before the first day of curating


We have added you as a contributor to the @WeAreRLadies account. While logged into twitter, visit: and you should see @WeAreRLadies under your “Accounts” (at the bottom left part of the menu). Twitter also has a tweetdeck guide that might be useful.

Please refer to our Curator Guide for our curator agreement and tips re: engaging with our Twitter audience. Your curatorship will start on Monday at 11h00 UTC and ends Saturday at 16h00 UTC.

If you have any questions or encounter any problem, you can send us an email at Also, you can join our #rocur_twitter channel on the community slack where you can reach out to all RoCur Managers and get connected with past curators.


After they curate

The day after their curation ends:

Before the infographic for next week’s curator is posted, be sure to (note that these actions require you to be logged into the Twitter account, not just accessing the account via Tweetdeck):

  • Remove the curator’s profile picture and use the general @WeAreRLadies logo.
  • In the description, write “TBA” after “This week’s curator:”

The week after they curate:

  • Send a thank you email to the curator (see sample below).
  • Add the curator to our WeAreRLadies Curators list. Learn more about using Twitter lists here.

Sample thank you email


Thank you so much for curating for @WeAreRLadies! We truly appreciate your time and effort to engage the broader R community and highlight minority genders and their great work in R.

If you needed additional support during your curating week, or if anything can be clarified in the Curator Guide, we welcome direct feedback to this email.

If you write about your curating week and you would like for it to be added to the guide, please either submit a pull request on the work from previous curators section of the guide or notify us so that we may do so for you.

Lastly, please consider nominating fellow R-Ladies to curate. We value hearing diverse voices from R-Ladies around the world, and we greatly appreciate your assistance identifying R-Ladies whose work you admire.

We thank you for your service to the R-Ladies community!
The RoCur Team

Other Information on Infrastructure & Procedures

Virtual Spaces associated with @WeAreRLadies

In addition to the Twitter Handle, other means of communication that the @WeAreRLadies admin team have access to are:

Admin team members are added as admin to the @WeAreRLadies Twitter handle on Tweetdeck. Additionally, admin members will have access to a shared Google Drive with templates, files, and other documentation.

Recruiting Curators

Account admin can recruit potential curators in a variety of ways:

  • The R-Ladies Community Slack;
  • Reaching out to organizers of different R-Ladies chapters;
  • A general call on the @RLadiesGlobal or @WeAreRLadies Twitter handles;
  • Individual outreach to specific R-Ladies community members you admire!

In line with R-Ladies’ mission, this account aims to spotlight female and minority genders (including but not limited to cis/trans women, trans men, non-binary, genderqueer, agender) and their great work in R. Featured curators come from a diversity of professions and have a range of experiences in R, from novice to expert. Currently, we do not have a protocol for individuals to curate more than one time.

We also aim for this rotating curator account to be a sustainable initiative. Therefore, there is no pressure for account admin to have curators lined up for every single week. Additionally, account admin are allowed to identify times during the calendar year for the account to go on hiatus (i.e., an extended period with no curators).