Global Twitter account management

General note: contrary to the R Forwards account we’re very R focused, we very rarely re-tweet stuff about feminism in general / feminism in tech. It makes things easier to have such a scope. Hugo can be fine when in the context of blogdown/hugodown etc, it all remains R-ish.


What the global account manager does almost daily

  • When reading the #rstats timeline from your account, like tweets that you’d like to like or retweet from the global account (tweets about R-Ladies chapters past events, tweets about things R-Ladies did). Then e.g. from the app once you’ve switched to the R-Ladies global account look at the likes of your personal username and see the “bookmarks”.

  • Looking over #rladies tweets. There’s not too much garbage these days which is good but I have already seen one guy using the hashtag to advertise his blog posts for beginners…

  • Looking at our notifications, only the mentions if there are too many notifications (see the section about mentions)

  • Other sources of info include Slacks(#igotnews channel of the organizers slack, #shameless_promo channel of the community slack), if good news are reported without tweets, encourage tweets.

Own content of the account

  • Rarer these days, often following a request from someone in the global team.

  • Sometimes you’ll want to quote rather than retweet tweets, to underline an aspect e.g. Twitter-driven meetup organization if a chapter says they chose the topic because of a Twitter thread or so.

  • Content that is not positive e.g. taking a stance on a controversy is always reviewed by the global leadership/team.

  • The account is generally upbeat and uses emojis. 🎉

What the account retweets

  • Tweets from chapters about past events. Not all tweets from each event. Best = the ones with pics and/or links to resources. Rather pics with more R-Ladies. 😉

  • Fun tweets from chapters e.g. pics of cookies already baked for an event.

  • The tweet announcing the new WeareRLadies curator on Mondays, and the first intro tweet from that account (plus anything relevant from that account that week, but not all their tweets)

  • Tweets that informatively describe a future online event, except for chapter launching which is more relevant locally.

  • Tweets about things R-Ladies do be it blog posts, packages etc. It’s better with a link. It’s fine if it’s about an old resource e.g. someone praising now a blog post an R-Lady wrote months ago.

  • How do you know someone is an R-Lady? Ah! You can ask, look over the person’s profile (maybe this person has #rladies in their description!), see their presence in, well, the R-Ladies directory.

  • ⚠️ No ad so a book you cannot read online for free is a no go.

  • Language is not an issue as long as you were able to translate the tweet, i.e. fine to retweet stuff in Spanish etc, it’s even important.

What the account likes

  • Likes can make tweet authors happy, plus Twitter might show the tweets to our followers, so be mindful when liking. Liking has less consequences than retweeting but it’s still some sort of approval.

  • The account can like more tweets about events than it retweets.

  • The account can like tweets about future events, etc.

What the account does not retweet

  • Avoid focusing on “women” in hashtags. But ok to retweet chapter tweets with women hashtags in it, just try not to retweet the least inclusive tweets.

  • Tweets about future in-person events of chapters, chapters’ looking for feedback etc. because it’s not useful for the global audience, only for their local audience.

  • Job postings.

  • Pics of events where it looks like a classic RUG

  • ⚠️ no ad so a book you cannot read online for free is a no go.

DMs from the account

  • We rarely receive DMs

  • You could use DMs to communicate tweets to another global team member if they are fine with the workflow.

  • We should remember to send DMs to chapters when they use “I”/“me” in tweets, to tell them to use their personal account for that.

  • We can also use DMs to remind chapters of the way accounts should be named.

Following accounts

We have declared following bankruptcy: we no longer follow new accounts at all. Ideally we would unfollow everyone + follow all R-Ladies from the registry, automatically. Otherwise it gets too messy /stressful.


  • R questions to the account are either ignored (especially if from people who we clearly see are not R-Ladies), redirected to the community Slack, but we’re not a Q&A account, we neither answer nor retweet R questions. If you know the answer, answer from your personal account.
This account doesn't do Q&A, you should join our community Slack to ask such questions 🙂
  • We also ignore trolls, ask others when in doubt.

  • If mentioned in a job posting, fine to ignore if too busy, but otherwise paste to jobs channel of the community slack, ideally with a note saying you don’t endorse the ad.

  • Do not hesitate to mute convos where the account was tagged, when the tagging was more due to the person’s looking for attention or thinking it’s the same to use the rladies hashtag vs tagging the account. Otherwise notifications about non relevant convos make it harder to read the notifications.