As stated in our mission, R-Ladies seeks to remain independent and non commercial.

No official/formal connection with the R-Ladies organization in general can be advertised without agreement of the global team/leadership (send an email to Refer to our guidance for allies.

Before that, how do you as an organizer or organizers team decide that a partnership is worth pursuing? It is important to assess whether the organization is looking for “diversity points” - getting good publicity for being connected to organizations like R-Ladies, but not invested in true collaboration or partnership. You might ask others for their input, especially others who have collaborated with the same organization and who do not have conflicts of interest (so, not a staff member of that organization!). You can also look or ask whether the organization includes and has been supporting groups that have been systematically excluded from the tech scene.

Special case of conferences

If you are invited to give a talk,

  • If you are invited to talk about a topic other than R-Ladies, make sure that you are invited because of your expertise and not just your relationship to R-Ladies.
  • If you are invited to talk about R-Ladies, refer to our specific guidance, in particular get in touch with the global team (

In all cases, check that

  • The event has a code of conduct; if not, do they agree on adding one?
  • Are other people belonging to groups that have been systematically excluded from the tech scene part of the conference? What role do they have (keynote, organizers, panelists, chairs?). If not, are they ok to change that?