International Women's Day Campaign

Although R-Ladies mission is not limited to women but instead to all Underrepresented/Minority Genders, we have used International Women’s Day as the occasion to run campaigns, until 2020 of Twitter.

The goals of this chapter is to document our previous efforts for folks who might want to lead future campaigns. We hope to:

  • Interest more people who want to join the R-Ladies project.
  • Explain how you can collaborate.
  • Collect more ideas for future campaigns.
  • Inspire other types of local or regional chapter campaigns.
  • Inspire campaigns from other communities.

Information about previous campaigns

Other ideas for future campaigns

  • Make a list of blogs (and posts) by R-Ladies, and tweet this material on March 8.
  • Make a list of packages built for/by R-Ladies and post this during the campaign.


The only “infrastructure” of the IWD campains is the rladies_iwd Twitter account. It is linked to

How to launch a new campaign?

For R-Ladies

Discuss it in the Slack, and if the global team gives you their ok, ask for access to the Twitter account.

In all cases

  • Have a clear goal for the campaign that aligns with your mission.
  • Having a separate account for the content might be less “annoying” for folks who e.g. do not want to see hundreds of tweets in a day.
  • Not that we have done this but try to diversify communication channels.
  • Use automation and test it. Sometimes though for some aspects doing it manually might be quicker and there’s no prize for doing everything the hard way.
  • Have a team of volunteers.
  • Prepare communication for before the campaign (here’s what we going to communicate about and why) and after the campaign (what’s your take-home message and where to re-read the content in another form, if relevant).
  • Use best practice for planning the project (e.g. have a clear list of tasks).
  • If using content or pictures by or of other people ask for their permission first!