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Chapter organizer, why, and what efforts?

We are so glad you’re considering becoming a chapter organizer. By doing so, you are helping R-Ladies mission to increase gender diversity in the R community globally, and you are connecting with your local community. You’ll also be interacting with R-Ladies volunteers all around the world.

Becoming an organizer might feel overwhelming at first whilst you are getting to know the organization and the tool we use (Slack, Meetup). Please feel free to ask us any question! It’ll also help us improve our guidance.

Being an organizer will take some of your precious time and energy: scheduling and holding events, searching speakers for said events, engaging with the chapter members on social media or email… We hope it’s worth it. We encourage you

  • to try and recruit some co-organizers to help share the load;
  • to not overcommit yourself. No need to have a meetup every month if it drains you.
  • to get in touch with the global team in particular you might get support via the mentoring program.

Being an organizer might not be the right fit for you even as a motivated R-Lady! Get in touch about possible openings in the global team, whose tasks are described in another section. You might also want to volunteer as a speaker at your local chapter or another chapter. Or you might want to volunteer with other R organizations, check out Minorities in R and Forwards.

How to become a chapter organizer

Here’s what will happen if you want to start a chapter…

If you want to become an organizer at your local chapter, get in touch with the current organizers.


Refer to the dedicated chapter

Reports by organizers

The “local” in local chapter

In the words of Nadejda Sero from R-Ladies Cotonou,

I believe best practices depend on how the chapter organisers can adapt to their reality to make people comfortable at coming to the meetups and also being speakers.